August 21-28 2024
Columbus, Ohio








A Word from the Candidate

I greet you in the Mighty and Matchless Name of Jesus Christ!

On behalf of the entire Focused 2024 team, I want to extend our sincere gratitude for taking the time to visit our website. Your interest in learning more about this campaign for Episcopal Service in our Zion means great deal to all of us.

I understand that your time is precious, but I am honored that you chose to spend some of it wanting to know more about my vision for the African Methodist Episcopal Church. As a candidate, I am committed to confronting challenges, embracing innovation, and centering our faith. Your support and engagement are crucial as we work towards our shared goals.

If you have any further questions, suggestions, or would like to get involved in our campaign efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We value your feedback and are eager to connect with members of the AME Community. Together we can make a meaningful difference in the AME Church.
Once again, thank you for visiting our website. Stay Focused!

Dr. Joseph N. Cousin, Sr.

Focus On Jesus

Our focus begins with Jesus. Jesus is the center of everything that we accomplish and must be the focus of all that we do. As we focus on Jesus, He also brings other key areas into focus. These key areas are the platform through which the FOCUSED campaign is based.

Confronting Challenges – Head On

(1) We must be fearless and faithful in addressing our challenges when presented—remaining proactive—not reactive.
(2) We cannot sweep our challenges under the rug in anticipation and expectation our problems will go away.
(3) We must confront challenges such as social justice inequities, challenges with a changing world, as well as challenges within our Zion and throughout the Kingdom of God.
(4) We will remain steadfast as we seek God’s presence and providence in seasons of difficulty.

Embracing Innovation In Problem Solving

(1) The Seven Last Words of the Church are, “We Never Did It That Way Before”.
(2) We must have a willingness to bring every person, ministry, organization, and society to the table to have a healthy dialogue for the direction of our Zion.
(3) We witnessed innovation during the Covid-19 pandemic, churches were able to modify policies and practices in church administration, worship, and fellowship.

Faith Centered

(1) We continue to remain focused on our faith as the driving force behind our fulfilling God’s mission.
(2) The Bible teaches us that faith is the substance of things hoped for—while being the evidence of things not seen. Our faith reminds us that regardless of what we see before us—God still has so much in store.
(3) We must be focused on our faith in Jesus—as we focus on Jesus—in order to press on and embrace God’s calling for us.

Candidate Credentials

Bachelor of Arts Degree
Hampton University 1995
Master of Divinity
Boston University School of Theology 1998
Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy
Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2004
Oxford Round Table Participant
Oxford University, Oxford, England
27 Years of pastoral ministry
Hundreds of souls brought to Christ
New ministries established:
University of Michigan Campus Outreach, Health and Wellness, “Bridge the Gap” (connecting young families with senior citizens living alone)
Community Town Hall Coordinator for Stacey Abrams
Cherokee County Democrats
Community Town Hall Coordinator for Senator Raphael Warnock
Cherokee County Democrats
Founding President
Cherokee County NAACP
General Board Member
Credentials Committee
Credentials Committee
General Conference Commission Member
Dean and Chair of Board of Examiners
Treasurer, Atlanta – North Georgia Annual Conference
Website Cousin 411